The Top Five Reasons To Go To Cancún (besides the obvious one!)

Okay, you don’t really need five reasons to go to Cancún. One should suffice: the ​beach​ in this city, if you’ve ever seen photos of it! Here are five more reasons that you should be packing your bags and setting out on a trip to fabulous Mexico:

1. Check out – or, better yet, check ​into​ – the ​Hotel Xcaret: one of the region’s only AAA Five Diamond award winners. Ok, so it's a little south of Cancun but I'm calling it close enough that it is worth mentioning. Want to relax? There is the fabulous Muluk Spa. Need to have kids entertained? There are seven amazing parks to enjoy floating in the water, zip lining, ruin tours and so much more. Places to eat? The resort has ten! At Hotel Xcaret you can do a whole lot or a whole lot of nothing.

2. If you’re at all into ancient history, one of the best sites – and by far less crowded than the more well-known Chichen Itza – is Tulum​, an easy day trip from the tip of the peninsula. You can wander these wonderful ruins alone or with a guide. (But if you actually want to learn anything about the ancients who built it, you’ll need a guide!) Overall, it’s an appropriate place on the shores of the Caribbean: relaxed.

3. Right off the coast from Cancún, the ​Isla Mujeres​ isn’t only for women. (And that’s despite the name meaning “women’s island” in Spanish!) Here you can enjoy the relaxed vibe of a Caribbean, while keeping the skyline of the city in sight. Spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach, between two of the best meals you’ll eat in Cancún. This island is renowned for its food, and you’ll find everything – from superb Italian and French flavors to wonderful, local Mayan and Yucatecan cuisine.

4. While the Tulum ruins are right on the beach, the ruins of ​Cobá are tucked away in the jungle. However, they are well worth the extra effort to get to. At Cobá, you’re allowed to climb one of the ancient Mayan pyramids, and get the reward of a spectacular vista across the Yucatán jungle. Furthermore, you’ll be enveloped by the feeling of authenticity: these ruins today are as surrounded by the ever-encroaching forest as they must have been ages ago. Cobá is a must-see – and the drive from Cancún is less than two hours!

5. Tired of beaches and ruins? Then it’s time to hit the clubs! The best club in Cancún, by far, is ​Coco Bongo​ – a huge dance club with a thousand incredible acts, any one of which will make you forget that you’re not in Las Vegas! Tickets come with unlimited drinks, and the club stays open well past the USA’s mandated closing time for such establishments. Dance the night away – and then sleep all day at the beach. You’re in Cancún!

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