8 Tips for a Great Group Trip

Planning to travel with family or friends? Here are some must-have tips for a stress-free trip that will help ensure everyone has a great time!

The theory of traveling together in a group of friends or family often sounds great, but trying to keep everyone happy and organized can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Ensure peace and relaxation with these tips for group travel.

1. Appoint someone as the group leader

It sounds great to organize everything as a group, but this can prove difficult when it comes to making decisions and being organized  By appointing someone as the official group leader, you can have a go-to person who is on top of all important travel information, like whether everyone’s passports are up to date and what planning still needs to be done so nothing gets missed.

2. Organize a group transfer to and from the airport

Trying to work out how you’re going to get to and from the airport with a large group, especially when most standard vehicles and on-demand services accommodate four passengers is a hassle. By pre-booking a larger vehicle for your airport transfer not only will your group get to and from the airport with ease, but you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that there’s plenty of room for all of you, and your luggage!

At MDV Trips by Teri work with thousands of airport transfer companies across the world, so there’s lots of choice to help find the perfect transfer for your group travel needs.

3. Work with a Travel Agent

Want additional room discounts, excursion discounts, or a Welcome Party for your group? Travel Agents are often offered additional deals for groups that you just can't get by booking direct. These can include an additional 15% discount, an included group tour & tasting at a local winery, or a manager's Welcome Reception, depending on the destination or time of year. At MDV Trips by Teri we can help you plan the perfect group trip. Groups as small as 5 rooms can often qualify for extras!

4. Work out a budget before you start booking

One of the most common arguments when traveling as a group revolves around budget and expenses. Some in your group may have cash to splash, but others could be trying to be thrifty. Before you decide on where to go, work out a budget that suits everyone. We can then help you find some great destinations that fit your budget.

5. Decide what activities you want to do together

Most places don't like being surprised with 20 people so you'll want to book group excursions in advance to ensure there is availability for everyone. As we said above, many places, from the theatre and movies to concerts and even some restaurants, offer special incentives and discounts when you book as a group, so let us know and we'll see if we can uncover a bargain for group bookings.

6. Plan your alone time

Everyone has different ideas of what makes a great vacation. Rather than planning to spend all of your waking time together (trust us, that will get old no matter how much you like each other), plan to spend some time away from the group. Couples lunches, relaxing on the beach with a cocktail, or hiking local trails are great ways to get some space.


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